Budapest Tropicarium & Szentendre (Day 3)

Budapest Tropicarium

The last day of my trip to Budapest we decided to visit Tropicarium, an aquarium located in a shopping mall just outside of Budapest. I’ve visited a year ago the Lisbon Oceanarium, which just took my breath away so the expectations were high… well even though the Tropicarium wasn’t so grand and the expectations weren’t met, I had a nice time seeing all the animals you can’t see every day.

Budapest Tropicarium
Budapest Tropicarium

Tropicarium has two levels, one where you can see lizards, monkeys and other animals from the tropical rain forest and the other level where you can find all kinds of fish and of course sharks.

Even though it is not as big, the sharks are just amazing, especially for someone who loves them and admires them as I do. If only I could swim with them one day, but this is as close as I could get… so far.

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After spending the morning in Tropicarium and the shopping mall, we decided to visit Szentendre – a small town, also outside of Budapest, with a charming Christmas market and a number of small galleries.

Marzipan Museum – Szentendre

One of the awesome attractions this small town has is a Marzipan museum, practically hidden in a Marzipan store on the main street of Szentendre. The details on these marzipan sculptures are stunning – true pieces of art.

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As mentioned before there are many souvenir shops and galleries where you can find original, handmade Hungarian souvenirs, art and Christmas decorations.

For a memorable end of the trip there is nothing better than a delicious meal in a traditional Hungarian restaurant.

Thanks for stopping by and visit soon because next post will be a delicious recipe until my next trip!


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