Budapest – the city of lights and architecture (Day 2 – Part 2)

As the second day of my trip to Budapest was coming to an end, the night has fallen and the lights painted the streets of Budapest. Hundreds of people, stands filled with food and hot drinks, the happiness shining through laughter and smiles made the night so much warmer.

Budapest Christmas Market

It’s all about the food! – Street food is something everyone enjoys when visiting Budapest during the Christmas holidays. Everywhere you turn you can see someone indulging her or himself in a delicious Hungarian dish.

Budapest street food
Budapest street food

So as I mentioned before this wasn’t my first trip to Budapest so I already knew what to eat. Even though I wanted to try as many different dishes as I could, the portions are so big that I could not.

Budapest street food

Langosh are actually something I wanted to eat since my last visit, so I took an oportunity and bought this large piece of dough topped with vegetables, meat and dressing. A little bit tricky to eat since all the tables are full and you have to walk down the street, but so delicious that it’s so worth it.

Budapest street food

After a long day, a hot cup of mulled wine is all you need and near the St. Stephen’s Basilica there is charming cafe with nice staff and tasty wine – Nonloso Cafe.

Mulled wine – Nonloso Caffe

Gerbeaud patisserie, a bit expensive, but the most famous patisserie in Budapest. The lavish decor is something you have to witness for yourself, even though you don’t plan on trying any of the delicious cakes on the menu, step inside and take a look.

Gerbaud patisserie


Drum Cafe Langosh & Gulash Bar

Walking down the streets of Budapest I stumbled upon a small restaurant/bar/cafe with a charming interior, the friendliest staff and a lot of delicious options on the menu, but probably the most important thing was the unbelievably low price. There were so many people inside and I had to wait for 5 min until I got a table, and I have to tell you the wait was worth it. This place gets a big recommendation from me and if you visit try to catch a bite there.

Drum Cafe Langosh & Gulash Bar


Drum Cafe Langosh & Gulash Bar

Ending this post with a photo of the stunning Hungarian National Museum.

Hungarian National Museum

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